Student dormitories

KMITL is one the educational institutes of Thailand to deal with higher education with the vision and mission of science and technology development. Many related educational services of KMITL are supplied to educationally utilize the students and the people of the campus. KMITL Dormitory service becomes one of the major services to be accommodated to the students as the welfare of the campus.

Dormitory service is under the management of the Division of Student Affairs, Office of the Rector. One who educationally uses the service could be accommodated with ease at economical rate and safety.

Regularly, KMITL Students of the following required specifications are able to be accepted
1. Being the present students of KMITL.
2. Monetary condition of poverty.
3. Students of physical disability, congenital health problems (with medical confirmation letter) are to be advantageously approved first.
4. Others (as appropriate requirements of the institute’s discretions) Official application could be personally done at the offices of students affairs of the individual faculty ofthe students.



Upplementary official documents required for the application
1. 1 Legal photo of 1x1 inch size
2. 1 copy of census record certification
3. 1 official medical certificate (in case of congenital health problem)

Eligible students of approval would be reported at
- Dormitory Office.
- Student Affair Offices of all individual students’ faculties.
- The 1th Floor of Krom Luang Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Building.

For the Student dormitory fees and more details, For more information, please feel free to contact The Student Affair, Division of Student Affairs, the Office of The Rector; tel. 02-737300 ext. 3330, 3635 3330, and 3635

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