Sports and recreational facilities

Sports and recreational facilities

       Having recognized the essential of exercise facilities, King Mongkut's Institute Of Technology Ladkrabang has provided the KMITL Sports Centers to the students and also to the personnels of the Campus to have their favorable exercises. The activities of exercised could be that of fitness, swimming, tennis, badminton, football, basketball, and so on. Under the management of the Division of Student, King Mongkut's Institute Of Technology Ladkrabang, some details of the provided exercise facilities could be briefly described as follows:

Sport Center 1

Gymnasium of 3,000-seat building providing with standard football field, synthetic rubber track for running or walking exercises, 2 Takraw courts, Inside the 3000-seat gym building, there would be provided with 4 rooms for athletes, referees, medical care, and meeting.


Sport Center 2

Gymnasium of 500-seat building providing with Standard rugby football field with necessary competition equipments, Inside the 500-seat gym building, there would be provided with the rooms for athletes, and referees.

Sport Center 3

Gymnasium Hall 1 providing with 2 valley ball courts, 1 basketball court.


Sport Center 5 and 6

roviding with 4 Outdoor tennis courts.

Sport Center 7

providing with the Royal Princess Sirinthorn Swimming Pool.


Sport Center 8 and 9

       Providing with Recreation Park, leisure garden Corners for the students and others to have their relaxing exercise and rests. King Rama IV Park becomes one of them to be served such the peaceful activities.

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